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Here it is! The Brand New Sip 2.0!! 🎉 🎨

It has been almost one year in the making and we couldn’t be more excited to launch it. This release brings a newly redesigned interface, new main features, and functionality improvements. We hope you enjoy!

New Features:

Smart Formats

Edit on April 25:

Earlier this year we announced through various channels (medium, twitter, email, etc) a migration to our new distributing system. The process was made since the beginning of this year until April 15 (after that we extend the deadline to April 21). …

We are stooked to see that this week Sip was featured by Apple as one of the New Apps & Games We Love.

For those who don’t know we have been using Parse as Sip’s cloud database and since Parse announced the shutdown of their service, we have been working hard to find a solution to keep our users data synchronised.

After a few months of searching and discussing other possibilities we decided…


A better way to collect, organize & share your colors.

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